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Sweet Breeze Charlotte Bronte “Hazel”

Hazel is a mini multigen Australian Labradoodle and weighs about 20 pounds.  She is the happiest girl we know.  Her little tail wags so hard that her whole rear end ends up being involved in the wagging.  You don’t even need to talk to her to get the body-wag going.  All you have to do is look at her.  She and her young human siblings have a mutual adoration thing going on.  Joyful is the word that best describes Hazel.  She loves snuggling and playing with her people, because she is ALL about her people.  She has the most amazing soft red coat.  It’s like silk in your fingers. Her BIG brown eyes melt hearts!  She’s a true love bug!

Multigen Australian Labradoodle


IC - Clear

PrcdPRA - Clear

vWD - Clear

EIC - Clear

Hips - Pending

Elbows - Pending

Eyes - Pending

Coat - Fleece

Color - Red

Sweet Breeze Charlotte Bronte “Hazel” 2.jpg
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