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Sweet Breeze Sheldon Poocher "Hobie"

We are so excited to add Hobie to our program.  He is so incredibly amazing.  He has stunning looks and the sweetest disposition. He was born in our home in July, 2021.  Hobie is being trained to received the Canine Good Citizen Award.  He has already earned his Star Award.  He has brought joy and love to his  family and has been there to help them through hard times. Hobie lives with a guardian in Austin.

Sweet Breeze Sheldon Poocher (Hobie)

Multigen Australian Labradoodle


PRcPRA - Clear

vWD - Clear

EIC - Clear

Eyes - Pending

Hips - Pending

Elbows - Pending

Coat - Fleece

Color - Chocolate Tuxedo

Size - Medium

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