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Labradoodle Guardian Homes

Australian Labradoodle Breeder in the Austin TX - Central Texas Area







Seeking guardian homes

We are currently accepting applications for guardian homes. 

What's a Guardian Home?

We want all our breeding dogs to have the love and attention they deserve. Happy, healthy, and loved parents make happy, healthy, and loving puppies. In order to grow our program and still provide every single one of our dogs with loving and devoted forever families, we use guardian homes.

A Guardian Home is given a pick-of-the-litter puppy at no charge. The guardian family pays for the basic care associated with having a family pet: nutrition, health and vet care, grooming, training, etc. As the puppy ages, we'll test the puppy to see if it's suitable to be bred. If it is, we'll use it in our breeding program. Females may be bred up to 4 times. Males may be used for breeding purposes up to age 6. We pay for all testing, breeding and pregnancy-related expenses. Once the dog's breeding career is over, or if it doesn't meet our standards, we pay to have it spayed/neutered, and ownership is transferred to the Guardian.

We think the Guardian Home concept is a win-win for everyone involved. A family gets a pick-of-the-litter labradoodle to share their home. The puppy gets to go to its forever home immediately. We get to grow our program without resorting to kennels or dog runs.


Requirements to be a Guardian Home:

  • Have a fenced yard.

  • Live within an hour of Salado, TX.

  • Be willing to feed PawTree dog food.

  • The dog MUST be a member of your family, not a backyard dog. Labradoodles are people dogs.

  • Keep the dog groomed.

  • Meet with us on occasion so the dog is familiar and comfortable with us.

  • The primary care giver must have a schedule that ensures the dog is not left alone for extended periods of time. If the primary care giver has a full-time job, a plan must be put in place to ensure the dog gets enough exercise and interaction throughout the day.

  • Provide for the dog's basic health and veterinarian care. This includes vaccines, monthly heartworm medication, well-checks, etc.

  • Provide the dog with regular socialization and exercise.

  • Enroll the dog in basic obedience classes. (The more training, the better.)

  • The dog will be at our home for breeding purposes.

      • Mating

      • Whelping and raising puppies. Guardian families are welcome to visit our home while mom is raising her puppies.




If you are interested in being a Guardian Home, please fill out the application below. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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