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Sweet Breeze Isabela Queen of our Hearts "Bella"

Bella is such a sweet dog.  We absolutely adore her.  She is calm and quiet and so well-behaved. She's everything we could hope for. Bella lives with her guardian family in Round Rock and they adore her.  In turn, she showers them with her sweet gentle love.  We think she feels her dad walks on water. She loves to go on road trips, and we don't think we've ever met a better car rider! Bella is going to make an excellent mom.  She is a multigenerational Australian Labradoodle.


Multigen Australian Labradoodle

WALA:  WALA0077190

PrcdPRA:  Clear

OFA Hips: Good 

Elbows: Normal

Eyes:  Normal

EIC:  Clear

Coat:  Fleece

Color:  Cream

Size - Mini (22 lb)

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