Breeze is a medium F1B labradoodle and weighs 40 lbs. She was born in November, 2018. Breeze loves nothing more than spending time with our family and playing with her best friend and older doodle brother, Cooper. She has a non-shedding wool coat. She's our snuggle-providing, foot-warming, eager-to-please, tail-wagger extraordinaire. She'll be bred to a Multigen Australian Labradoodle to increase the genetic diversity in the Australian Labradoodle gene pool. Her puppies will be Australian Labradoodles. We're very excited to meet her puppies because we expect great things from them.

  • WALA-00007183

  • ALAA-084486

  • PrcdPRA - Clear

  • vWD - Clear

  • EIC - Clear

  • Eyes - Normal

  • Hips- OFA Good 

  • PennHip - .6

  • Elbows - Normal

  • Patellas - Normal

  • Coat - Wool

  • Color - Chocolate Parti

Sweet Breeze NEW ALAA LOGO 2020
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Sweet Breeze ALAA Silver Paw Logo 2020

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