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Sweet Breeze’s Harmony “Belle"

Belle, Breeze's daughter, was born in May, 2020.  She’s a medium-sized Australian Labradoodle who should weigh about 35 pounds when full grown.  She has the softest, curly fleece coat and soulful eyes.  Not only is she beautiful on the outside, she has the sweetest temperament imaginable.  She loves to go outside and play, but she also lives to get and give loves.  Harmony lives in the Austin area with her guardian family.  We know she’s going to have beautiful puppies one day. 

Australian Labradoodle


  • WALA-00038243

  • ALAA-090126

  • IC - Clear

  • PrcdPRA - Clear

  • vWD - Clear

  • EIC - Carrier

  • Hips - OFA Good

  • Eyes - Normal

  • Coat - Curly Fleece

  • Color - Caramel Parti

  • Size - Medium

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